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CFEII (Consulting for enterprise and investments Initiatives) is a organisation created in 2010 and
based Great in Britain and the Republic of Ireland. We specialise in consulting, management, and
strategy development in various fields by providing expertise and services for bilateral and
multilateral initiatives and projects.

CFEII has been structured as a bridge between the European businesses and investors wishing
engage in business or invest in the CEEAC sub-region and, businesses and investors from the CEEAC
wishing to find partnerships in Europe.

CFEII Provides Pragmatic, Complete guidance and strategic Expertise to forge better links. In order to
strengthen cooperation and harmonious development.

we offers an opportunity for Africans countries concerned to enter a market that has great potential
and present another face of the continent through initiatives other than under the seal of the

CFEII aims to promote a positive image of the sub-region as a conquering Africa Master of its

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